"Learn as if you were to live forever"

Mahatma Gandhi

Ultimate app designed for a student mastering car driving skills.

Install the application on your iPhone, Android or bada smartphone and learn driving law on the go: memorize rules and road signs, pass hundreds of tests and see your knowledge grow.

Forget about printed manuals or studying at night. All you need to become driving expert is in your palm!


Driving law

The app contains driving laws, first aid rules, and extra info to support the driver on the road: fines, addresses, phone numbers etc. Each article is supplemented with relevant illustrations and links.

More than 300 tests

Check and improve your knowledge of the driving law passing more than 300 tests - 20 questions each. Light prompts will be there to guide you to the correct answer if needed. The feature is fully accessible offline.

Results control

Passing each test you may evaluate the achievements by checking the test results table. A click on a table cell will show the relevant question again - for you to read the prompt or add a short memo.

Notes & bookmarks

Active learning implies thinking and asking questions. It's no longer a burden since you can add bookmarks and comments to any test question. Easily manage your notes, and serve as an example

Exam simulation

You've got 20 min to answer 20 questions of a random test. Only 1 answer to each question may be given, only 3 mistakes are allowed, and no prompts! We've got flip clock in place to watch your time.