February 5, 2013

Evolution of the information search

Today we see new patterns on how people may get information.

Such technologies as Apple Siri, Google Now, Goole Knowledge Graph and Yandex Ostrova ("Islands") emerged.

This is the current answer to what users want - they want to do things, get answers - quickly. They really don't want to visit websites, what matters is information - at fingertips, in a quick & pleasant way.

So what can be the next step?

Websites are becoming an obsolete idea because they require:

No one consumer want to develop his website, instead it would be much easier to directly fill in search machines with information using simple GUI blocks. No webcrowlers for indexation. There will be an interface to fill the system with info by any user, the same way people do this in Wikipedia.

Add here some neuroscience stuff and you will get multi-domain expert system, let say primitive AI.

Soon there will be no need for separate websites, all information will be submitted directly to the system which is capable to analyze it and give the answers to the users.


© Dmytro Nikandrov